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Lifestyle Accessories India Pvt. Ltd. (LAPL) is THE PIONEER in Furniture fittings as far as Indian Market is concerned, especially for Kitchens Hardware. Way back in 1996 Lifestyles, introduced first ever Double Wall Drawer System in the country & has greatly contributed to the development of this sector thereafter.

Lifestyle Accessories takes pride in supplying wide range of furniture fittings required for Kitchen, Wardrobe, Living Room, Bathroom furniture as well as for Office, Hotels & commercial furniture.

For more than 20+ years we have been most trusted suppliers for many Furniture Manufacturers, Distributors, Dealers, Architects, Interior Designers & Builders.

USP of Lifestyle Accessories is deep knowledge of Customer needs across all segments, our unmatched Service & Price makes us favorites among myriad of Suppliers in the market.

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